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Successful Scoopers

  • Bryan Loo
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 05 January 2018
    OFF-WHITE Industrial Belt
  • Mohd Fuazi
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 29 December 2017
    OFF-WHITE Caravaggio Diagonal T-Shirt
  • Jimmy Tang
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 26 December 2017
    OFF-WHITE Brushed T-Shirt
  • hendrick
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 25 December 2017
    OFF-WHITE Black Diagonals Cap
  • Ivan
    Successful Scooper

    Thank Scoopdepool for the opportunity to let me bring back this cool iPhone.

    Result announcement: 20 November 2017
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Marie Loke
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 01 December 2017
  • Wong Shi Kai
    Successful Scooper

    Thanks Scoopdepool for giving me a change to own my desire phone with much more lower than the market price. I will surely support Scoopdepool till the end..

    Result announcement: 28 November 2017
    Apple iPhone 7
  • Chin yi li
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 21 November 2017
  • K.Keong
    Successful Scooper

    I was thrilled as I able to get 2 products from Scoopdepool within a week! Guess I can use this to prepare my breakfast after this! Again, continue scooping for more goods and I believe Scoopdepool is totally fair and transparent else I won't be able to win twice. Thanks Scoopdepool!!!

    Result announcement: 10 November 2017
    MECK 3 in 1
  • K.Keong
    Successful Scooper

    Thanks Scoopdepool for giving such a wonderful platform for us to grab what we want in as low as RM1. I can now try Aesop products without hurting my wallet but only RM5! I'll definitely recommend Scoopdepool to my friends and continue scooping to get more products from here! Thanks Scoopdepool again!

    Result announcement: 01 November 2017
    Aesop Bundle
  • Cherry
    Successful Scooper

    I feel so excited and I really couldn't describe how the excitement is because I deeply love and wanted the JBL speaker so much. Feeling lucky that I have been chosen as the successful scooper and surely I will introduce to my friends about SCOOPEDEPOOL!!

    Result announcement: 06 November 2017
    JBL Go Portable
  • Darwee Koh
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 09 November 2017
    Ed Sheeran Concert Cat1 Ticket X 2
  • Farah najwa
    Successful Scooper

    I'm feeling very excited and thankful to scoopdepool for giving me an opportunity to become one of successful scooper..i hope in the future i will be win again...and i will definitely recommend Scoopdepool to all my friends.. Thanks again Scoopdepool.

    Result announcement: 09 November 2017
    MIDEA Vacuum Cleaner
  • Andrew Chong
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 17 November 2017
  • Loh Yin Ping
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 01 November 2017
    Stand Mixer
  • Stanley
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 17 October 2017
    SUPER My ATM Machine
  • Khaw Yee Liang
    Successful Scooper


    Result announcement: 06 October 2017
    CRC Electric Automatic Jug Kettle
  • Brenda Kuoh
    Successful Scooper

    Thank You Scoopdepool for the Apple AirPods and I only use 15 Scoop Points to get the it. I can now enjoy music anytime, anywhere, anyplace! Thanks again, Scoopdepool!

    Result announcement: 18 October 2017
    Apple AirPods
  • Ina
    Successful Scooper

    I noticed Scoopdepool from Songkrun event. The team explained the mission of the company which is to meet the desire of individual with mere RM1 which interests me to start scooping. I am glad to win a product with few attempts. I am looking forward to using SDP again, and I hope they have more home appliance products.

    Result announcement: 09 October 2017
    GOQ G9000 Car Camera
  • Lorraine Wong Syn Yi
    Successful Scooper

    I stumbled upon their ad saying with RM1, you're able to change your lifestyle. Skeptical, but with nothing to lose, I gave it a go. It works like a ballot/lucky draw system. With a maximum of 10 chances RM1 each for the item. In other words, I paid RM10 to win these pair of RM714 tickets!! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜† and Foo lost her concert virginity that night to GD πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    Result announcement: 09 September 2017
    G-Dragon Concert VIP Ticket X 2
  • Go Chin Gee
    Successful Scooper

    Thank for scoopdepool, that I get this prize. I will join more on this event.

    Result announcement: 26 July 2017
    JBL Headphones
  • Mei Li
    Successful Scooper

    Thank you Scoopdepool for this cool Jill Staurt Perfume...!! Got this cool product for less than RM 10...

    Result announcement: 19 July 2017
    Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom
  • Saiful Anuar
    Successful Scooper

    Dapat mengetahui app ini dari Facebook. Lepas tu terus try saja. Mana tau dapat Cookware ni. Scoop dengan hanya 1 ringgit je BESTNYA!!!

    Result announcement: 12 July 2017
    GTE Non Stick Cookware
  • fadzil
    Successful Scooper of Adidas Original NMD R1

    Thank u so much @scoopdepool untuk kasut adidas ini😘😘

    Result announcement: 07 July 2017
    adidas Originals NMD R1
  • teh yi shuang
    Successful Scooper of B&O Play H2

    Through A Friend To Get Knew This Event, Unbelievable I Was Choosen And Ver Honored To Be Selected As A Winner From Scoopdepool For This B&O Play H2 Headphone. Just Scoop It At RM 1 [...] You Will Be The Next Successfull Scooper Thank You Scoopdepool

    Result announcement: 05 July 2017
    B&O PLAY H2
  • Rodzahn
    Successful Scooper of Baby-G Denim Series Watch

    Sebelum ini, saya ada scoop produk lain. Tapi, ada rezeki dengan ini lah. Terima kasih Scoopdepool 😊

    Result announcement: 28 June 2017
    Baby-G Denim Series Watch
  • Fakrulradzi Bin Mahtar
    Successful Scooper

    [Photo coming soon]

    Result announcement: 22 June 2017
    Philips Blender HR2056
  • Shariza Sharir
    Successful Scooper of iPhone 7 Jet Black

    I just bought this iPhone 7 Plus (RED) a month ago and exactly after a month, I get this (iPhone 7 Jet Black) from Scoopdepool. How did I get this? I just installed the application at Songkrun festival last April. And then I just topped up RM10 and (got) this item for only RM2. With RM2, you can get this that I think it's worth RM3,800+. So try your luck now. Thank you Scoopdepool for giving me this. I'm so happy to receive this. I have two iPhones now. What can I ask for more? Thank you so much!!

    Result announcement: 29 June 2017
    iPhone 7 Jet Black
  • Lee Kar Hoe
    Successful Scooper

    This Bluetooth speaker, I started with just RM1. I didn’t realise I can get it, so it’s really surprising for me to get it.

    Result announcement: 20 June 2017
    JBL Go Portable
  • Azma Abdul Hamid
    Successful Scooper

    Be willing to take a chance coz you never know how perfect something could turn out to be 😍 Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Ramadhan Kareem. With scooping for only RM 4.00, Im receiving this precious gift, the Adidas NMD XR1 from @scoopdepool 😍 Thank you for the opportunity given and I appreciate it πŸ‘ŸπŸ’ƒπŸ»

    Result announcement: 14 June 2017
    adidas Originals NMD XR1
  • Charlotte Chai
    Successful Scooper

    I was so thrilled beyond words !! #won #samsungtv #scoopdepool #indebtedtoyou

    Result announcement: 12 June 2017
    Samsung 43 Inches Smart TV LED
    Successful Scooper

    It's hard to believe that I just use RM1 and get this item! A big thanks to Scoopdepool!

    Result announcement: 06 June 2017
    Originals Bucket Gym Sack
  • TonyC
    Successful Scooper

    I am very happy I won this iPhone 7 from Scoopdepool. So I have actually spent like RM35 [Scoop Points] to get this iPhone 7. So I am really really happy that Scoopdepool gave me a chance to win this. Thank you Scoopdepool.

    Result announcement: 06 June 2017
    iPhone 7 Plus Red
  • ikmal
    Successful Scooper

    Terima kasih kepada Scoopdepool. Saya tak sangka bag berharga RM500 ini [boleh dimenang] dengan RM2 sahaja. Pada hari terakhir bulan ini, saya rasa mungkin tak nak scoop lagi, tapi try saje. Tambah seringgit. Tiba-tiba dapat panggilan call. So macam, saya rasa bertuah lah. Ini first time saya. Saya tak percaya pada tuah sebernanya. So saya nak ubah balik pikiran saya...

    Result announcement: 06 June 2017
    3D Roll Top Backpack
  • Nicole Tan
    Successful Scooper

    I win this Jill Stuart lipstick with only RM5. Thanks to Scoopdepool.

    Result announcement: 25 May 2017
    Jill Stuart Lipstick
  • Armina
    Successful Scooper

    Mula i ragu ragu je. Tapi betul betul boleh dapat. Terima kasih Scoopdepool.

    Result announcement: 24 May 2017
    Jill Stuart Eye Shadow
  • PheiChen Goh
    Successful Scooper

    It's very nice and my brother likes it. Thanks to @scoopdepool

    Result announcement: 25 May 2017
    Razer Naga
  • Harry Chew
    Successful Scooper

    thanks😍 @scoopdepool

    Result announcement: 18 May 2017
    Jill Stuart Lipstick
  • Christina leong siau moi
    6th Successful Scooper

    Very happy and didnt expect to win. Will continue support Scoopdepool.

    Result announcement: 07 May 2017
    Fitbit Charge 2
  • Kelly Chew
    5th Successful Scooper

    Thank you @scoopdepool for this awesome Rm300 Airaisa travel voucher!πŸ™†πŸ»

    Result announcement: 13 April 2017
    AirAsia RM300 Travel Voucher
  • Ching Kok Pin
    Devin Ching

    I only used RM2 in Scoopdepool to win a Notebook! I’m very happy and want to scoop even more products on www.scoopdepool.com.

    Result announcement: 04 March 2017
    HP Pavilion X2
  • Shahazwan

    Very Happy! I still cannot believe it. With only RM1, I won a mobile phone!

    Result announcement: 04 March 2017
    Huawei P9 Lite
  • Ang Shi Hao
    Hao Ang


    Result announcement: 04 March 2017
    iPad Air 2 Gold
  • Gigi Wan

    I was actually only trying out this app. Really didn’t expect to win. I’m very happy.

    Result announcement: 04 March 2017
    Juice fountain